Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I’m sure you have questions for your wedding officiant!  Here are a few common ones – but really – grab a phone, give me a call, and I’ll answer every question you have!

What makes you different?

The best training in the business, and a long history of providing excellent customer service to any customer or client I’ve ever had.  I want your day to be the best day ever!  I go above and beyond, and you will see and feel it in everything I do!

How much do you charge?

Cost is always the big question.  In the world of “You get what you pay for”, a LOT goes in to planning your ceremony!  I’m well spoken, professional, well trained and I create personalized services, NOT cookie cutter 10 minute ceremonies.  A professional clergy will charge anywhere from $800-1500 or MORE for a Saturday night ceremony.  A notary charges approximately $250-300. I like to keep my fees in the mid+ range – but call me, tell me your story, and we will make sure the price you pay is affordable to you – and worth every penny!

Where do you officiate?

Anywhere!  Any time!  Any location!

Can I get married today?

Absolutely! As long as you have a marriage license, I can marry you! I love the spontaneity and intimacy of elopements! You don’t need to settle for the courthouse; get married at the location of your choice! I have married couples all over Broward County from hotel rooms to overlooking the river downtown, even in my backyard (which is set up to perform a wedding anytime!).