My Personal Wedding Officiant

To put it very simply, I’m the one at the wedding who asks if they “do” or not, which is always my favorite part! You can call me “My Personal Wedding Officiant” or, maybe just Lauren, for now. You’ve found a wedding planner for the party, a DJ for the music, and now all you need is the person who is going to pronounce you spouses for life, so, it’s a good thing you’ve found me!

I am a Jewish / Interfaith wedding officiant, here to create a ceremony unique to you and your partner, one that unites your lives and families, regardless of religion or lifestyle.

I grew up in an interfaith home and celebrated Hanukkah AND Christmas (double presents!), my mother is Jewish and my father is Christian. I consider myself Jewish and I married a Christian man. You could definitely say I know what it takes to be in, advise on and plan for a Jewish / Interfaith wedding and marriage.

My whole life, I knew I was going to be some kind of “helper”. My path has taken me from college waitress, to international English teacher and now an interfaith wedding & lifecycle officiant. Life is so cool!

I recently graduated from JIWI, The Jewish and Interfaith Wedding Institute and became a certified Jewish / Interfaith wedding specialist. Not only do I create one of a kind ceremonies for my couples, always arrive early to coordinate with your venue and spend as long or as little as you like really getting to know you and your story but I know ALL the details about the ceremony, the reason for your whole day.

A Jewish wedding has it’s own very unique customs and rules, ones your wedding planner / coordinator aren’t likely to know. You can’t trust just anyone with the most important details of the most important part of your most important day.

So, if you want someone who is guaranteed to be there for you through the whole process, who will show up early to confirm all the details and create a unique ceremony that grants you all your wishes, then this will be a great fit!

How to begin??

Phone: (954)494-2183